Big Rug, Little Rug

Big Rug, Little Rug

When it comes to purchasing a rug for your home, you will find yourself debating over the size of the rug you need. Sizing can be such tricky business, this is mainly because it needs to fill the space without it looking lost. Choosing the right size rug for your home is just as important as the rug colour, pattern and rug style. We have outlined below how you can also buy a rug in london with the correct pattern & size!

The right sized rug can finish a room off perfectly, where as a wrong sized rug could make the room look incomplete.  Ever walked into a room and wondered how its missing something but cant quite put your finger on it? Did you check the rug? The wrong size rug could take away the style of a room.

When choosing a rug you need to bare in mind the little hidden rule – Choose a rug that can fit the size of your seating area. Now that’s not to say it has to take over the entire room. No.  The idea is, when you are sitting on the sofa, your feet should be able to rest on the comfort of the rug below and not the cold floor. Therefore looking at a size that fits the front legs of your sofa on it would be getting gold stars from the hidden rug rule makers.

Some people prefer a smaller rug in there home which houses their coffee table. If you are one of these types of people then the hidden rule for you would be – have a rug that is larger then the span of the coffee table, so the table fits directly in the middle of it. This gives off a more satisfying zen to the room. This look would have no sofas touching the rug itself, so make sure you have your socks and slippers handy.

Rugs for the dining room can be tricky. Some people believe if your rug is too small under the dining room table that it looks like you are covering a nasty stain you just cant get rid of – Lets be honest, we are all a little guilty of stain cover ups. When your rug sits under the dining table, you should be able to manover your chair back and forth with the chair itself never leaving the rug. Trust us, there is nothing more annoying then having to lift your chair over the rug trim to tuck yourself in. Bunny hopping with your Sunday roast dinner in hand. Buying rugs from london rugs should always be a pleasure – simply drop us an email if you have any queries.

A lot of the time people choose the wrong size rug due to not measuring the area and just guessing which size they need or going for the smaller rug because it costs less. Guesstimations as we like to call them never end well.

Measure, Measure, Measure!!

With The London Rug Company we aim to keep our prices the lowest as possible and not compromise on the quality so that helps eliminate one of the issues. We urge you to measure your area before buying so you are ultimately happy with the rug that you purchase with us. If you do not own a measuring tape, there are some great apps you can download that have the ability to help you measure your area using your mobile phone.

Don’t forget a new trend is layering rugs so don’t be afraid to have fun. If you do end up choosing the wrong sized rug and find the one you have too small, add a larger rug underneath. This creates a new, stylish area for you to live in. Layered rugs always give the “wow” factor to people when they walk into a room.

Once you have the size of your rug sorted, you are nearly ready to go. Choosing a rug that injects style and character into your room is the next hurdle.

Wether you choose a modern rug, geometric rug, shaggy rug, outdoor rug, oriental rug or even a runner rug – asses the area to your preferred size.

As always our dedicated members of our team will be able to assist you with any questions you may have when choosing your rug and picking a size and style to help suit you.



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