Durable Rug

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Durable Rug - Wool

Durable Rug.

Questions we get asked a lot is which rug will last the test of time, which are durable rugs and what is the best material. One of the main concerns when it comes to buying a rug is;  will it be ruined and have to be replaced all the time. The answer is simply no. Take a peek below to see why.

You decided on a colour, pattern and shape of the rug you would like. So, now what about the durablity of your rug?

If  you are looking for a durable rug that is able to withstand wear, pressure or stains we maybe able to help you.  Here are some of the best materials for your rugs to help you choose a material that is right for you and your home.



Durable Rug: Wool

Wool is the most durable rug(s) on the market. So, wool rugs have the ability of resistance. Resistance in stains,  damage and becoming misshaped. Ever wondered what the fuss about wool rugs is about? Well, they are made from heavely soft pile, perfect for sinking those toes into. We think, that makes wool rugs a pretty big deal. The fibres in wool rugs are crush resistent meaning  they have the ability to bounce back rather then lay flat over time. Did you know, Wool rugs last hundreds of years and stay incredibly beautiful for each one of those years if cared for correctly.

Durable Rug - Wool
Durable Rug – Wool Rug

Durable Rug: Nylon

Nylon rugs are great if you have a house full of messy pets or creative children. At The London Rug Company we know the pain of muddy paws and felt tip pen marks left by our little ones. This is the perfect rug to withstand footfall, spills and fraying. Highly resiliant this material is able to resist those horrible accidental spillages we cry over.


Durable Rug Nylon
Durable Rug Nylon


Durable Rug: Polypropelene

Polypropelene rugs are loved by many because it has the wonderful, magical resistance to fading. Yes you read that right! A rug material that doesnt fade in the sunlight, chemicals or bleach. Polypropele doesnt absorb liquids. Yay!  This means your spills are not likely to have any lasting effect. Polypropelene is easy to clean and a highly durable rug that mimics wools cosy soft feel. If your home needs more of a bright and bubbly feel to it – a polyproplene rug will be great for you, avaliable in such a wide range of colours and patterns its easy to see why we are seeing more and more polypropelene, durable rugs in homes.


Durable polypropelene rug
Durable polypropelene rug


We offer a wide variety of rugs at The London Rug Company. So with just a click of a button you can view all our wonderful, durable rugs. We strive to give you the best possible priced London rugs (and wider areas) at the best quality. So if you dont see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us via email and one of our team will be happy to assist you in finding your dream rug. Wether its a highly durable wool rug or a soft and shaggy rug. We have you covered.


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