October – Pumpkins and Piled Rugs

October – Pumpkins and Piled Rugs

October! The month for bitter cold weather. Carved pumpkins and the ground covered in beautiful hues of orange. Magnificent golden leaves that crackle under your footstep. With the heating/fire in the house turned up it’s time to think about changing the summer tones into winter ones and making your home all cosy and warm for the seasons ahead.

We can all agree that Autumn scenery looks stunning but the coldness doesn’t make you want to stand out in it for too long (without the fear of frost bite that is) So why not bring the outside in this Autumn?
Many people take inspiration from the array of gorgeous colours from the falling leaves.
Golden yellows, burnt oranges, vibrant coppers, plums and rouges. Bedroom rugs become a necessity to save your feet from a cold shock in the mornings. (Is there seriously anything worse) and the throws and blankets decorate each room to help us brace for the chill.


image; Most popular Autumn colour scheme


It’s a known fact a rug can make a room feel more warm just by being in it. Rugs act as an insulation keeping in the warmth. Its a great way to save on the heating bills, especially if you are choosing to have a luxurious wool rug in your home during the cold months. A wool rug can actually moderate the temperature and humidity of a room in your home up to ten times more then hardwood flooring can. They last longer, have spongy fibre that you can manipulate and it will always return to its natural shape. They are easily cared for, environmentally friendly and give you the upmost comfortable and cozy feeling you long for in the cold months.

Therefore, We at the London Rug Company think an Autumn, wool rug is the way to go. Take a look at the beautiful contemporary rugs we have for sale right now. Below are this weeks best sellers.


Photo; Pearl- Rust


Photo; Furrow Terracotta


Photo; Blossom Grey/Ochre


Why choose Wool?

  • Hard wearing and durable.
  • Wool is so strong just one single fibre is said to be stronger then steel itself.
  •  Environmentally friendly – yes, they are biodegradable unlike most synthetic fibres.
  • Wool is flame resistant.
  • The naturally waxy material makes it anti-stain
  • If you have allergies sheep wool can help purify the air in your home
  •  Wool is hydroscopic meaning it gets warmer and cooler adapting to the moisture in the air of your home.
  •  Wool rugs are resistant to sunlight meaning your colours will remain just as perfect as the day your purchased it in years to come.


visit our main page to see the full range we have available right now.

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