Orange is

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Fall rugs

Orange is…

Orange is the new black. Well it is for some. As Halloween is fast approaching, the decor of creepy crawleys and spooky ghosts will start appearing in windows all over the world. The Cobwebs will be placed stratigically amogst the front gardens. Lanterns appearing to hang on the trees and the amazing hand carved pumpkins will be scattered in the windows or at the doors of many peoples homes. Scary, Fun and lit with flickering candles.  We absolutely adore seeing pumkins decorate the streets and stores in October.


Pumpkin halloween
Happy Halloween


Orange, black and even purple are the colours we assocaite with this holiday. So wether you are dressing yourself,  your little one of your furr baby in a costume this year – im sure we will see plenty of scary and spooky goings on.

Burnt orange is usually the go to colour for any Halloween inspired rug. Rust colour rugs and tangerine rugs are also a huge favorite around this time of year. Many people tend to choose the shaggy rug over a short pile rug as this is the month we really begin to feel the cold creeping in. Black is also a huge favourite if orange isnt your thing. Black does make a beautiful rug and can make a room look very elegant when teamed with most colours – our favorites being cream, gold and silver.


Spooky Scary
Spooky Scary


Here at The London Rug Company we love all things Halloween. Our HQ is beautifully decorated with pumpkins. We have taken off our thinking caps and replaced them with witches hats to bring you some of our Spooktacular rugs that could help transform your rooms this Halloween.

So grab a seat, your favorite warm bevarage and have a  look at our gorgous orange rugs to help bring in the Halloween / fall season – come closer, we promise we wont bite!

Funky Weave rug orange
Funky Weave Rug


Furrow Rug Orange
Furrow Rug in orange


Pearl Terracotta Rug orange
Pearl Terracotta Rug


Retro Funky Aztec Rug orange
Retro Fubky Aztec Rug


Spider Chocolate and Orange
Choc and Orange Spider Shaggy Rug


Just like the black cat. Our black rugs are elegant, dark and captivating. Here are some of our favorites here at The London Rug Company:


Brilliance Shaggy Rug
Brilliance Black Shaggy Rug


Black Pearl Shaggy rug
Black Pearl Shaggy Rug


Spider black shaggy
Spider Black Shaggy Rug


Fondant Triffle rug
Fondant Truffle Rug


Some of our other Halloween inspired colour theme rugs:



Patchwork Orange
Patchwork Orange Rug


Infinite Square
Infinite Squares Rug


Glen Kilry Black orange
Glen Kilry Black


Decks Antique
Decks Antique Rug

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. From Our Homes to Yours.

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At the London Rug Company we have a wide range of wonderful rugs online to choose from. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us via our contact page and we will try our best to help you find your perfect rug. To shop our range of shaggy rugs, Modern rugs, Geometric rugs, Traditional rugs, Contemporary rugs, Wool rugs, outdoor rug and many, many more just click here.
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